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Our staff has decades of experience designing and manufacturing products for oil field environments.

The Welbor team understands the importance of consistent, reliable performance of our products. They know that our customers depend on them to function in the most demanding environments, and that a failure can be extremely costly. Our culture revolves around shipping only products that are the best that we can make them.

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Brushless Motors and Power Supplies
  • Brushless Motor Drive Assemblies.
    High power rotary drives for downhole applications such as pumping, milling, and tractors.
  • Downhole Brushless Motor Controllers.
    Get the power, size and packaging advantages of brushless motors into your downhole application.
  • Wide Input Voltage Downhole Power Supplies.
    Welbor technology's Wide Input Voltage Power Supply Boards are designed for use with our Brushless Motor Controllers, but can be used in any application where a reliable, high temperature power supply board must provide logic and signal level voltages.
  • Brushless DC Motors.
    Our motors are custom designed to meet the specific requirements of each application. Industry proven rare earth magnets are used in all of our motors to bring the maximum power to the application downhole.
Linear Actuators Solenoids Electronics Services
  • Engineering.
    Welbor can build your design from "green" or incomplete documentation. Our experienced engineering staff provides support on new designs, resolving documentation problems quickly.
  • Repair and Replacement.
    Welbor can provide rapid turnaround for repair and replacement.
  • Safety Stock.
    Welbor can maintain an inventory of critical parts and assemblies to help you meet changing demands.
  • Turnkey Assembly.
    We maintain mechanical inspection equipment for inspection of machined parts. In-house pressure and temperature chambers, dynamometers, and force gauges are available to perform acceptance testing. Our engineering staff can design specialized tooling for assembly and test.
  • Obsolete Parts Solutions.
    Experienced downhole designers are available to solve problems encountered when parts become obsolete. Drafting and documentation support ensures that your internal documents and procedures are maintained up-to-date.

Note 1: Tensor is s trademark of GE Power Systems. Welbor technology has no affiliation with Tensor, General Electric, or GE Power Systems.