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solenoid rebuild

Our staff has decades of experience designing and manufacturing products for oil field environments.

The Welbor team understands the importance of consistent, reliable performance of our products. They know that our customers depend on them to function in the most demanding environments, and that a failure can be extremely costly. Our culture revolves around shipping only products that are the best that we can make them.

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Incoming solenoids are inspected for signs of cracking or excessive wear.  If they are candidates for rebuild, they are fully disassembled and component tolerances are checked.

Solenoid windings are removed from the bobbins and the bobbins are replaced with vacuum/pressure impregnated coils wound on non-conductive bobbins. with Welbor�s proprietary encapsulation process.  Internal plungers and shafts are discarded and replaced with special magnetic alloys that improve pull-in performance, and provide better straightness and fit.

Re-assembled solenoids are tested to original specifications using the original manufacturer�s hardware before shipment.  Solenoids are tested for both electrical and mechanical properties and a record of their performance is included with each solenoid.

Note 1: Tensor is s trademark of GE Power Systems. Welbor technology has no affiliation with Tensor, General Electric, or GE Power Systems.