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Our staff has decades of experience designing and manufacturing products for oil field environments.

The Welbor team understands the importance of consistent, reliable performance of our products. They know that our customers depend on them to function in the most demanding environments, and that a failure can be extremely costly. Our culture revolves around shipping only products that are the best that we can make them.

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No Sliding Seals
Welbor solenoids are structurally capable of withstanding deep water hydrostatic pressures. This eliminates the moving seals or bellows associated with pressure compensation.
Deep Penetration Electron Beam Welds
Soft magnetic materials, which are necessary for solenoid operation, are prone to corrosion and pitting. Welbor solenoids� magnetic materials are joined using deep penetration electron-beam welds to prevent corrosion-induced leaks commonly experienced at o-ring seals or surface welds in soft magnetic materials.
Encapsulated Coils
Wire and insulation are subjected to magnetic forces and expansion and contraction from temperature changes as the solenoid's power is cycled. If the wire is free to move, it can be prone to failure from stress and fatigue. Welbor's proprietary vacuum-pressure impregnation process with our own epoxy formula eliminates voids in the coil and housing and provides a combination of flexibility, strength and stability. Numerically controlled coil winders ensure that coils are wound with consistent tension and without the stress concentrations associated with random winds.
Because we wind, encapsulate, assemble and test Welbor solenoids in house, we are able to maintain the highest quality. Welbor solenoids are pressure and leak tested at every critical stage of construction. Each solenoid is individually tested at its normal operating current for both actuation force and friction along the entire length of the stroke.
Welbor stocks a wide range of types and sizes of magnetic materials, wire, and epoxy. Our modeling capability reduces design cycle time, and proven construction techniques minimize risk on new geometries. Welbor's response time for new applications is often less than for other supplier's "off-the-shelf" products.